Welcome to the Didsbury Dozen, the famous South Manchester pub crawl that incorporates all of the pubs in the Didsbury area. For those mathematicians who can count will realise that there are more than a dozen pubs and places to drink in Didsbury which has a mix of traditional pubs and bars that cater for every taste. Didsburydozen.com aims to provide you with enough information so you can plan your own Didsbury Pub crawl and decide on your own dozen pubs!

Didsbury is situated on the southern reaches of Manchester and is known for its village feel, fantastic transport links and the abundance of places to eat and drink. Traditionally one of the most affluent suburbs of the city of Manchester it is an ideal place to enjoy a day long pub crawl with a group of friends, sport club or even on your own.

The original Didsbury Dozen has changed over the years due to ale houses closing and being replaced by modern bars and eateries.  This guide aims to bring you information on all of the pubs in East and West Didsbury as well as details on where to stay, the best place to eat and how to get to and from Didsbury.

Keep up to date on the news and reviews of pubs in M20 with Didsbury Dozen.

What is your Didsbury Dozen?

In addition to bringing you details on the pub crawl we will also publish information on dozens of other things. Like the a dozen things to do in South Manchester, a dozen places to stay and even a dozen eggs.